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National Agreement

2019-2023 National Agreement

The term of the current National Agreement between NALC and the Postal Service runs through May 20, 2023. 2019-2023 National Agreement

Click on the cover at right to open the PDF of the 2019-2023 National Agreement. The PDF includes bookmarks and hyperlinks to make navigating the document easier. To save a copy, right-click on the cover and "save target as..." to download a copy to your computer.


Select past National Agreements and arbitration awards


2019-2023 NALC-USPS National Agreement

2016-2019 NALC-USPS National Agreement

Proposed 2016-2019 NALC-USPS National Agreement booklet

2011-2016 NALC-USPS National Agreement

Das interest arbitration award (toward the 2011-2016 National Agreement)

2006-2011 NALC-USPS National Agreement

2001-2006 NALC-USPS National Agreement

1998-2001 NALC-USPS National Agreement

Fleischli interest arbitration award

NALC Collective-Bargaining History

Contract Term Type of Settlement Bargaining Structure*
1971-1973 Negotiated settlement JBC: NALC, APWU crafts, NPMHU, NRLCA
1973-1975 Negotiated settlement JBC: NALC, APWU, NPMHU, NRLCA
1975-1978 Negotiated settlement JBC: NALC, APWU, NPMHU, NRLCA
1978-1981 Healy Award (partial arbitration) JBC: NALC, APWU, NPMHU
1981-1984 Negotiated settlement JBC: NALC, APWU
1984-1987 Kerr Award (arbitration) JBC: NALC, APWU
1987-1990 Negotiated settlement JBC: NALC, APWU
1990-1994 Mittenthal and Valtin Awards JBC: NALC, APWU
1994-1998 Stark Award (arbitration) NALC
1998-2001 Fleischli Award (arbitration) NALC
2001-2006 Negotiated settlement NALC
2006-2011 Negotiated settlement NALC
2011-2016 Das Award (arbitration) NALC
2016-2019 Negotiated settlement NALC
2019-2023 Negotiated settlement NALC
* In many rounds of bargaining, two or more unions formed a Joint Bargaining Committee (JBC) to negotiate with the Postal Service. The NALC has negotiated on its own since 1994.

Joint Contract Administration Manual (JCAM)

An electronic version of the 2021 USPS-NALC Joint Contract Administration Manual (JCAM) has been released and is available under Workplace Issues in the resources section of our website. 


  • contains the authoritative, agreed-upon interpretations of the National Agreement. The National Association of Letter Carriers and the United States Postal Service have agreed at the national level that this is the definitive interpretation of the National Agreement.
  • should be used by the local parties to help resolve disputes at each step of the grievance procedure.

We are working with USPS on the project of jointly printing hard copies.  This process will take at least a few months to complete, so please be patient.  In the meantime, we wanted to get the new JCAM out to you as soon as possible.  We will let you know when hard copies become available.

2014 JCAM

The 2014 JCAM is available online by clicking here.

Letter Carrier Resource Guide

Letter Carrier Resource Guide

The Letter Carrier Resource Guide, a comprehensive guide for every letter carrier, is now available in downloadable PDF format on the NALC website.  This guide combines, updates, and replaces the 2016 City Carrier Assistant Resource Guide and the 2014 Letter Carrier’s Guide.  This new all-in-one guide was created for all letter carriers to obtain important information pertaining to every stage of their career. The guide includes updated rights and benefits, and relevant changes to these rights and benefits, as letter carriers progress from city carrier assistant to career status.  The guide includes chapters on NALC structure, health benefits, pay, uniforms, workroom floor issues, community service, legislation, and much more. 

The online version contains links throughout the guide which will connect you directly to additional relevant information.  Click here for the online Letter Carrier Resource Guide.

To order a printed version of the Letter Carrier Resource Guide, log on to the Members Only section of the NALC website, click the checkbox below the image of the guide and a copy will be mailed to your NALC address of record. 

Dispute Resolution Process

The grievance process is incorporated into Article 15 of the National Agreement between NALC and USPS.

Step 4 & MRS - NALC Materials Reference System, M-number documents

MRSThe NALC’s Materials Reference System (MRS) Index and Summaries (PDF) contains summaries of key contractual documents and direct links to M-number documents (through M-01904) as well as C-numbered arbitrations. It also includes Defenses to Discipline. The July 2014 MRS (PDF) is a prime resource for national business agents, regional administrative assistants, NALC branch officers and shop stewards in their duties of enforcing the collective bargaining agreement.

NALC members may access the 2014 MRS Index (PDF) by clicking on the image at right or save it by right-clicking this link and choosing Save.

You can also find key MRS documents here.

To find a specific M-numbered document, use the box below. Enter the number (numbers only—don’t insert an “M”) and click the Submit button:


NALC Arbitration Program

NALC offers a unique, comprehensive arbitration database which allows contract researchers to quickly explore NALC's database of thousands of arbitration awards. This searchable database is frequently updated and contains over 36,000 awards on a variety of subjects.  For more information on the arbitration program and to see a brief synopsis of specific national awards of interest, click here.

More NALC Publications: “Contract Talk” columns and the NALC Activist

NALC Contract Talk

Contract Talk is a regular column in NALC's national magazine, The Postal Record. Written by members of the NALC Contract Administration Unit, the column gives advice on recent national settlements and selected issues of interest to NALC contract enforcers. The archive of Contract Talk columns can be found here.

NALC Activist

The NALC Activist is a local leadership publication intended for shop stewards, branch officers and all local NALC leaders. The archive of NALC Activists can be found here.

NALC Guide to Identifying Intentional False Editing of Clock Rings

The NALC Guide to Idnetifying Intentional False Editing of Clock RingsThe NALC Guide to Identifying Intentional False Editing of Clock Rings was created to assist union representatives when investigating grievances concerning clock ring edits that impact letter carriers’ pay.  The guide provides instruction on reading the TACS Employee Everything Report, examples of improperly edited clock rings, and includes a grievance starter to help build successful case files.

Uniform allowance

Under the 2016-2019 National Agreement, the uniform allowance for career and non-career carriers will rise by $44 from its 2015 level of $420 over the course of the agreement:

  • $441 effective May 21, 2017
  • $452 effective May 21, 2018
  • $464 effective May 21, 2019

 Once a CCA has completed 90 work days, or has been employed for 120 calendar days, the CCA will be provided with an annual uniform allowance equal to the amount provided to career carriers, as indicated above.

Family and Medical Leave Act

Click here for forms and information about the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

Union member rights and officer responsibilities under the LMRDA

The Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act (LMRDA) guarantees certain rights to union members and imposes certain responsibilities on union officers.

The Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) enforces many LMRDA provisions while other provisions, such as the bill of rights, may only be enforced by union members in federal court.

Click here to download a summary of the LMRDA (PDF).