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Director of Education

Director of Education

Articles by Jamie Lumm.

The NALC Education Department provides educational opportunities and training materials for NALC officers, stewards, activists and members. Director of Education Jamie Lumm works closely with national officers and headquarters staff to develop training modules on a wide variety of subjects as well as present educational programs at training events across the country.

NALC Leadership Academy

Click here to an download an application for the 2018 NALC Leadership Academy.

Started in 2005, the NALC Leadership Academy continues to reflect the national leadership’s belief in the importance of developing and preparing current and future NALC leaders for the challenges of today and those that are surely ahead. December 2017 saw the graduation of the 22nd class, bringing the total number of graduates to well over 650.

Director Lumm works closely with NALC Executive Vice President Brian Renfroe as well as Nancy Dysart, director of the NALC Information Center, to coordinate and conduct the Academy.

The Leadership Academy consists of three week-long sessions over a five-month period. In between the three weeks of classroom sessions, students are required to complete outside learning projects based on the curriculum covered during the previous week’s session and submit a written report about it. Each project must receive approval by the Academy staff and each report is edited and critiqued by staff writers.

The Academy curriculum is designed to both develop and enhance the knowledge and skills that are essential for NALC leaders. In addition to the Academy staff, each of the resident national officers as well as dozens of headquarters staff, help teach these topics, providing students with the NALC’s top experts in each field. As the Academy has developed over the past nine years, so has the curriculum. While much of the original core of subjects remains, others have been added, deleted or changed as the Academy constantly strives to provide to best educational experience possible for each class.

Applicants must be endorsed by a union leader who commits to being their mentor throughout the Leadership Academy experience and to provide them with additional learning opportunities. Each fall, a number of students are selected from among the hundreds of applicants to attend the Leadership Academy the following year.

The rivers of NALC talent and dedication continue to run deep as evidenced by the high quality of each new Leadership Academy class. Academy graduates account for nearly a third of the regional administrative assistants, more than half of the NALC Headquarters letter carrier staff, at least 15 current or former state presidents, and two national officers.

Additionally, across the country Academy graduates have been elected to leadership positions in their local branches, small and large, many becoming full-time union officers.

Just as important, hundreds of graduates have gone on to serve the NALC in various other capacities such as arbitration advocates, Dispute Resolution Team members, OWCP representatives, shop stewards, route adjustment team members, as well as Food Drive, MDA, and community service coordinators, just to name a few.

We are constantly encouraged by the commitment to work hard and help others that we see in each successive leadership class. If what we see in the Leadership Academy is any indication of the future leadership of the NALC, and we believe that it is, we have a bright future ahead of us.

The Academy meets at the Maritime Institute just outside of Baltimore, conveniently located near Baltimore-Washington/Thurgood Marshall International Airport. The institute is a union-owned and -operated facility that more than meets NALC’s needs.

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