Union administration

National president

Brian L. Renfroe

Brian L. Renfroe



Brian Renfroe was elected president by mail balloting of NALC members in 2022. Full bio

According to the NALC Constitution, the president of the NALC is responsible for enforcing the union’s rules and granting dispensations when the good of the union requires it, overseeing collective bargaining and enforcement of agreements, presiding at biennial conventions and other meetings and assign duties to officers and staff.

The president has the power to fill vacancies on the Executive Council and appoint regional administrative assistants, members of committees and other positions. He or she oversees publication of The Postal Record and other union publications and issues reports to the members.

As with other national officers, candidates for president are nominated at every other biennial convention and are elected in one member-one vote national elections determined by mail-in ballots. The terms for all national officers are four years; the current term for the president and other national officers expires in December 2026. Every officer must be a letter carrier.