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Letter Carrier Political Fund and e-Activist for retirees

The Letter Carrier Political Fund and the NALC e-Activist Network

Lend a hand in the fight against legislative attacks on retiree pensions by contributing to the Letter Carrier Political Fund and signing up for the e-Activist Network today.

Over the last several years, an ugly swarm of mean-spirited legislative proposals to reduce retirement benefits has appeared in the House and Senate. The proposals would increase employee contribution rates to the CSRS and FERS, decrease the amount of pension benefits, end the employer matching 5 percent to the Thrift Savings Plan, completely eliminate both the Special Annuity Supplement and the entire FERS annuity benefit, reduce COLAs, and more. If all of these proposals were enacted into law, minimum retirement eligibility age would be pushed back to age 62. But that wouldn’t matter, because postal and federal retirees would be left with below-poverty-rate incomes and unable to retire at all.

Our pensions are under direct attack. The war is being waged in the halls of Congress and the NALC is fighting on the front lines. Our weapons are Political Fund dollars and e-Activist Network voices.

Director of Retired Members Ron Watson suggests:

“All retired NALC members should carefully consider a 5 or 10 dollar per month contribution to the Letter Carrier Political Fund. They should also sign up as e-Activists. Retirees have a direct stake in this battle. Help arm the NALC.