Community service

Combined Federal Campaign

As federal employees, letter carriers can make charitable donations through the world’s largest annual workplace giving program, the Combined FederalCampaign (CFC), through deductions from our paychecks.

“Letter carriers are known for taking care of our communities,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said. “The CFC is a convenient way for letter carriers to support their favorite charities.”

Pledges made by donors during the campaign season support eligible non-profit organizations chosen by the donor. 

CFC makes it easy for all federal employees to donate online and giving federal retirees an easy option for donating through deductions from their annuities. To donate online, an employee needs to register an account at

Carriers can choose the charity or group of charities they want to support from a list of more than 2,000 eligible charities, and an amount they choose will be deducted from their paychecks each pay period and automatically sent to each charity.

“The combined effort of letter carriers and other federal employees makes a huge difference to the charities that support our communities each year,” Rolando said.

All letter carriers can participate in the CFC.

Rolando asked NALC members to contribute through the CFC in addition to the other ways they support the community.

“Each day, within the communities where we live and deliver the mail, many of us encounter people who are enduring real-life problems,” Rolando wrote. “Throughout the year, we help our communities in a number of ways while looking after those who are vulnerable. In addition to what we do each day in the neighborhoods we serve, the Combined Federal Campaign gives us an easy way to contribute money through payroll deductions to the charities you care about.”

NALC is directly involved in two charities:

2022 Combined Federal Campaign video