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The Letter Carrier Political Fund is a non-partisan political action committee (PAC) established for the purpose of electing qualified candidates who support letter carriers and who are committed to maintaining a strong and innovative U.S. Postal Service.

Each year, NALC fights to fend off attacks in Congress that threaten letter carriers’ collective-bargaining rights, retirement benefits and livelihood. We’ve been successful so far, and we want to continue helping to elect House and Senate candidates who will protect us, promote our issues and deliver our message to Washington.

Since union dues can’t be used to support candidates for political office, NALC relies 100 percent on member contributions to the LCPF, which in turn helps us support those on Capitol Hill who defend the issues that matter most to us. Our PAC brings together in Washington strong letter carrier advocates—from all political parties—who are dedicated to helping to defend a strong USPS that provides universal, innovative and affordable service.

What is a political action committee (PAC)?

A political action committee (PAC) raises money for the purpose of defeating or electing candidates to elected office.

  • PACs are formed by corporations, associations, labor unions and individuals with common interests.
  • PACs solicit voluntary contributions from individuals with common interests to advance a political process.
  • PACs are non-partisan entities whose primary concern is to elect qualified candidates regardless of party affiliation.

Why should I join NALC’s PAC, the Letter Carrier Political Fund?

  • The Letter Carrier Political Fund identifies and contributes to candidates who support issues important to letter carriers.
  • Joining the LCPF provides letter carriers with the opportunity to build electoral and legislative power required to ensure decisions that impact their lives are made with their best interests in mind.
  • Only NALC members can contribute to the LCPF.
  • Union dues are not used, and cannot be used, for political contributions.
  • LCPF contributions are voluntary and can stop at any time. There is no open season.
  • We encourage LCPF members to make suggestions for political contributions and to attend local fundraisers.
  • LCPF members are encouraged to attend local events for members locally who support letter carrier legislative priorities.

How do I become a member and/or contribute?

The easiest way to become a member of the Letter Carrier Political Fund is to contribute through automatic payroll deduction. Contact your branch leaders with questions about how you can contribute or use the forms below:

Through PostalEase (online)
Through PostalEase (phone)
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
From an annuity


The free NALC apps for smartphones provide convenient access to tools and information about issues affecting active and retired letter carriers. Information on downloading and using the apps is in our apps section.