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Support the fight against muscular dystrophy

Half a century of help...millions to fight muscular dystrophy


America's letter carriers have helped lead the search for a cure for neuromuscular diseases for half a century.

Branches can now register to take part in the year-long campaign to raise funds for NALC's official charity. Branches that fill out a registration form will receive a packet of materials designed to help branches redouble their efforts.

Click here to download a branch registration form. Print it out and mail it to the address at the bottom of the form.

Download the NALC MDA Donation Allocation Form.

MDA Honor Roll

Fundraising report form

Locally raised funds must be turned over to your local MDA office. Deliver or mail your donation as close as possible to the date the funds were raised and include a completed NALC Activity Report along with your check or money order. Click here to download the form. To find your local MDA office go to and enter your zip code.

Please mail NALC Headquarters a copy of any receipts or checks along with a copy of the NALC Activity Report so that your branch can be properly recognized. Activity Reports must be turned in the same calendar year of the event (no later than December 15th) in order to qualify for the NALC Honor Roll for that year.


MDA 2019 Honor Roll

NALC’s annual MDA Honor Roll recognizes branches for their fundraising efforts for the union’s official charity in 2019. The top spots for each of 10 branch membership size categories and the branch with the largest overall total are celebrated with an opportunity to attend a special function designated by President Rolando.

The Honor Roll is followed by a list of reported MDA fundraising results. Next to each branch’s name is the total they raised for the year. Each branch who raises $1000 or more will receive a Certificate of Achievement.

The total raised in 2019 was $1,363,608.

“Letter carriers should be very proud of their efforts to support MDA, and the children and adults whose lives are made better and longer through its work,” Rolando said.


Branch MDA representatives are reminded to deliver all money collected each year, along with activity forms, to MDA by Dec. 28. Activity form copies should be sent to the attention of Christina Vela Davidson at NALC Headquarters also by Dec. 28.


Join Team NALC for the 2020 Tough Mudder 5K

On August 30, 2020, Team NALC will be running the Tough Mudder 5K in Haymarket, VA! All proceeds will go to the Muscular Dystrophy Association as we work to Deliver the Cure and transform the lives of people affected by muscular dystrophy, ALS and related neuromuscular diseases. 

The Tough Mudder 5K is an Obstacle Course Race that covers 5 kilometers (~3 miles) and is a chance to challenge yourself without the pressure of timings and competition. 13 teamwork-focused obstacles stand between you, your team and the finish line. Be prepared to get muddy, have a great time with your friends and super-charge your weekend!

Please consider donating to Team NALC here:


2020 Registration Form

2020 Donation Form

2020 Sponsor Form


Please send all forms and donations to:

Christina Davidson

100 Indiana Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20001-2144


Join Team NALC Rolando for the 2020 Muscle Walk

On October 3rd, NALC President Fredric Rolando will take a few steps for the many who can’t at the Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Muscle Walk of Greater Washington, DC. The fundraiser kicks off at 10 a.m. at the Prince George’s Sports and Learning Complex in Lanham, MD, not far from FedEx Field. The more feet that pound the pavement, the more NALC raises for its signature cause, so please join Team NALC Rolando for this family-friendly event.  The team’s goal is to raise $20,000.

“Every day, kids and adults are diagnosed with muscular dystrophy and related diseases that take away from the most basic freedoms—the freedom to walk, talk, hug and even breathe,” Rolando said. “By taking part in this Muscle Walk to help raise money and awareness for NALC’s only official charity, I hope to help those striving to get some of those freedoms back.”

The DC Muscle Walk is one of more than 150 such events held across the country each year. Team NALC Rolando will join participants of all ages and abilities on a wheelchair- and equipment-friendly course.

There are three ways to get involved: walk, donate or both.

To visit Team NALC Rolando’s official Muscle Walk page, go to If you would like for your branch to receive the credit for you donation, be sure to type in your branch number, amount sent and an indication that it is for the MDA Muscle Walk, or go to for a printable form. Mail donations to Team NALC Rolando MDA Muscle Walk, National Association of Letter Carriers, 100 Indiana Ave. NW, Washington, DC 20001.

To find a Muscle Walk near you, go to

Deliver the Cure with MDA Guidebook

TheCover image for the Deliver the Cure Guidebook updated Deliver the Cure with MDA Guidebook is now available for download.

In it, you’ll find information about:

  • the longstanding partnership between NALC and MDA
  • how to get involved and make a difference
  • keys to a successful fundraiser
  • partnership guidelines
  • Combined Federal Campaign opportunities
  • important information about securing funds

—and a whole lot more.


NALC supports MDA through…

Summer camps: Wonderful opportunities for children living with muscular dystrophy to spend time with kids who are just like them, doing activities adapted to their needs and establishing new friendships. NALC members are proud of the fundraising work we do all year long to support research to one day deliver a cure and to help make camps like these a reality. Volunteer for a summer camp near you by going here

Muscle Walks: A series of fun, non-competitive local walks held across the country, funding research and services for people with any of more than 40 muscle-damaging diseases. Muscle Walks provides an opportunity to honor adults and children with any of the more than 40 muscle diseases in MDA’s program, walk to have fun and get some light exercise, and raise funds to help MDA support research and provide vital services to families affected by neuromuscular disease.

Bowlathons: One more way NALC can show how serious we are about our long partnership with MDA. For some branches, it might have been years since they’ve done any sort of MDA fund-raising. Others may never have. An event such as a bowlathon gives branches a project they can plug right into, with a goal of increasing branch and letter carrier participation. 

Fill the Satchel: Letter carriers, in uniform and with their postal satchels, set up at various locations around the country, collecting from motorists, pedestrians, shoppers—and even from the crowds heading into sports venues. 

Visit the MDA Tool Kit to learn more.

Combined Federal Campaign

The Combined Federal Campaign number for the Muscular Dystrophy Association is 10561.

MDA national office list

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NALC & MDA: Deliver the Cure

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