Union administration

National conventions & rap sessions

Article 3 Section 1 of the NALC Constitution states:

The National Convention of this Union shall be held biennially in even-numbered years between the Fourth of July and third full week of August.

  • The 71st Convention in 2018 is July 16-20 in Detroit.
  • The site and dates of the 72nd Convention in 2020 have not yet been announced.

Article 3 Section 4(b) of the NALC Constitution states:

(b). The National President shall, once each year except in the year of the National Convention, call a national conference. This conference shall be voluntarily attended by only State and Branch Presidents or their designees, with their expenses to be borne by the State Association or Branch represented.

National conferences are better known as “rap sessions.”


2017 National Conference

Harrah’s Resort Atlantic City & Waterfront Conference Center
June 14, 2017

So that the tentative National Agreement could be fully discussed with branch and state leaders prior to the ratification voting, the 2017 National Conference—better known as a “rap session”—was held June 14 at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, NJ.

70th Biennial National Convention

Los Angeles Convention Center
August 15-19, 2016

Read below for links to the daily Convention Chronicle, selected videos, and Flickr photo albums.

Further coverage was included in the combined September-October edition of The Postal Record. Separately, branches in attendance at the convention received, as usual, a DVD containing selected videos shown at the convention as well as the convention proceedings transcript book.