Workplace issues

Customer Connect

Since mid-2003, letter carriers have successfully used Customer Connect to take advantage of their special relationship with businesses, encouraging business patrons to ship with the U.S. Postal Service instead of with a private delivery service. Click here to read about the Customer Connect coordinator's duties in M-01742. Click here to download the Customer Connect lead card. Click here to read some Customer Connect success stories. 

See new information about leads at the bottom of this page. 



Staying Informed About Leads

Sales Visits

  • From Time to time, USPS Salespeople may visit a local post office. During their visits, they may receive leads from employees.
  • These leads have been taken back to the office by the salesperson and entered in as LEADing Together leads. However, many times the salesperson speaks to multiple employees and goes to multiple offices before entering the leads into panorama.
  • This leads to LEADing Together leads being entered and not including the office or employee information
  • BLDS then have to work to try and figure out who provided the lead and which office it came from to ensure the employee and office receive participation credit and can track the lead progress.
  • To eliminate this issue, the team is meeting with sales to explain the issue and also informing the field offices that any lead given by an employee to a salesperson should be entered either by the employee themselves or their manager through the LEADing Together Lead entry portals. 
  • The salesperson can still work the leads, and during entry the employee or manager can ask for the lead to be assigned to that salesperson through the comment section. 

Lead Status Report Updates

  • Leads that have been attempted but with no response remain in the LEAD status report as stage 1 until the customer responds back to a voicemail or email or until contact is made with the customer.
  • If no response or contact is made after multiple attempts, the lead is closed, and the reason is listed as “Could not Reach Customer”
  • If the customer is reached on secondary attempts or responds back, the lead is then worked and either turned into an opportunity or closed as a no sale for one reason or another. 
  • Once contact is made, or the lead is closed, the employee will then see an update in the lead status report. Sometimes this may take a while for contact to be made and for any notification to appear in the lead status report other than the leads was submitted. 
  • To alleviate this concern that the leads aren’t being followed up on, come July, the lead status report will be updated so that after the first attempt, it will say “working”.

Mobile Delivery Device (MDD)

  • New MDD Posters are now available through the Material Order Site, MOS.
  • Order yours now and place them in a location where carriers can see them to remind them to submit a lead while delivering to a business.
  • Leads entered in the MDD will show up the next business day in the LEAD STATUS REPORT.
  • Leads submitted through the MDD go directly to the BLDS queue to be forwarded to our sales team, speeding up the follow-up process.  


New Collateral USPS Ground Advantage

  • New USPS Ground Advantage Collateral available in MOS
  • Replaces the First-Class Package, USPS Retail Ground, and Parcel Select
  • Be sure to make your employees aware of the changes taking place during the next price change. 
  • Great to use as a conversation starter to generate new leads. 
  • Did you know the USPS is launching a new service called USPS Ground Advantage?