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In-district recess activity

With Congress’ August recess underway, our representative and senators will be spending the next five weeks at home, meeting with constituents, holding town hall meetings and listening to the people who elected them to office. When they return to DC in September, we may see the introduction of postal reform legislation in both chambers.

This means we must continue to educate and engage members of Congress on what is important to NALC members.

Whether you’re a first-time activist or a seasoned pro, don’t let the next five weeks go by without taking the opportunity to reach out to your members of Congress and their district staff members. Below are a few simple steps you can take to make your voice heard:

  • Schedule a meeting to introduce yourself or to check in with local staff members on issues of importance to NALC.
    • To find your House member and contact information, click here.
    • To find your senator and contact information, click here.
  • Do your research! Are your representatives co-sponsoring resolutions to preserve six-day delivery, door delivery and USPS service standards?
  • Decide the issues that you would like to bring to their attention, and make them local! Members of Congress like to hear how the issues affect you as a constituent and affect the district.
  • Always follow up! Send a thank-you or provide additional information. Staying in touch is key.
  • Attend a town hall event and ask a question. Click here to find a listing of upcoming congressional town halls. If your representatives or senators are not listed, check their websites and Facebook pages to see whether they have something coming up.
  • Meet with local coalitions, businesses and potential allies. We can never have too many friends, and there are many strong supporters of the Postal Service out there. Take some time to get to know who they are and how we can build bridges.

Remember: Consistent communication with in-district staff members helps keep your relationship going. It keeps the entire staff engaged and, most importantly, it’s essential that you be able to pick up the phone or send a quick e-mail when battles are brewing in Washington. If you have questions or need any help, please contact your regional field coordinators.

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