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House lawmakers introduce resolution regarding rural post offices

Last week, Rep. Mark Amodei (R-NV) introduced H. Res. 501, expressing the sense of the House that Postal Service’s network is an asset of significant value and that USPS should take appropriate measures to maintain, modernize and fully utilize the existing post office network for economic growth.

The resolution recognizes that post offices are integral parts of rural communities, providing significant social value. It goes on to point out that closures of post offices in rural communities would create an economic burden for people who depend on universal service for communication, package services and non-typical postal services.

In addition, H. Res. 501 points out that the closure process does not adequately take into account community input.

While the resolution recognizes the significant value of rural post offices, including recognition that they are secure and trustworthy and could function as the location for other government services, community events and emergency services, the resolution unfortunately contains language that claims that post office boxes represent the most economic and secure choice for mail delivery.

“As letter carriers, we know that the most economic and secure choice of mail delivery is by the letter carrier to the door,” NALC President Fredric Rolando said. “In the absence of that option, we understand the value of post office boxes, and we commend Rep. Amodei for drawing attention to rural service issues and the preservation of rural post offices.”

We ask that NALC members be aware of the resolution but continue to stay focused on building co-sponsorships of the six-day (H. Res. 12), door delivery (H. Res. 28) and service standards (H. Res. 54) resolutions.

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