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NATIONAL LEVEL DISPUTE UPDATE: USPS identifies Consolidated Casing Phase Two test sites

This is an update on the current national level grievance filed April 24, 2019 regarding the USPS unilateral consolidated casing initiative.  USPS provided NALC with a list of Phase Two test sites for their unilateral test. Each postal area will contain one test site during Phase Two.  Phase Two sites identified by USPS are (by district and facility):  Western Pennsylvania - Canonsburg Post Office; Detroit – Detroit, MI (Strathmoor Station); Connecticut Valley – Taunton Post Office; Sierra Coastal – Glendale, CA (Grand Central Station); Arkansas – Jonesboro Post Office; Colorado/Wyoming – Denver, CO (Westwood Station). USPS will provide dates for implementation as they become available. 

Read Director of City Delivery, Christopher Jackson’s May article in the Postal Record for more information on the national level dispute and USPS consolidated casing.