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Security enhancements to LiteBlue

Recently, the Postal Service learned of fraudulent websites intended to trick postal employees into providing their LiteBlue login credentials. These websites did this by appearing in popular search engines with similar names and web addresses to LiteBlue. Unfortunately, some postal employees have fallen victim to these fraudulent websites. Many employees had their entire paychecks rerouted to the criminals’ bank accounts, instead of being deposited into their own.

To improve the security of LiteBlue, the Postal Service has implemented multifactor authentication (MFA) when logging in. MFA provides an extra layer of security and may already be familiar to most through online accounts at financial institutions by confirming a code received via text message or through an app.

Effective Jan. 15, when employees sign in to LiteBlue they will be required to reset their Self-Service Profile (SSP) password, verify the last four digits of their Social Security Number (SSN), and set up their multifactor authentication preferences. The Jan. 17, 2023 Mandatory Stand-Up Talk Multifactor authentication now required for LiteBlue can be found here, and instructions and videos to help setup MFA can be found here. All letter carriers should take these steps as soon as possible to further secure their accounts.

As with any website, be sure to check you are on the genuine website before entering any credentials. Users can avoid fraudulent LiteBlue sites by typing the web address directly (