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Notice to prospective candidates in the 2018 NALC election

In accordance with federal law, NALC has arranged for Kelly Press to handle requests by candidates for national office in the 2018 NALC election to distribute campaign literature by e-mail.

Kelly Press will be responsible for receiving campaign material from candidates and managing the distribution of this material by email.  Candidates may begin email distributions on April 16, 2018.  Any candidate(s) wishing to arrange distribution of campaign literature by email, at his/her own expense, must contact Edeline M. Jean or Gary Locke, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern Time, at 301-386-8285 or 301-583-5300.

Kelly Press will advise candidates of the cost of e-mail campaign literature. Payments must be in the form of a USPS Money Order or Certified Check prior to e-mail transmittance. Kelly Press requires five business days advance notice for set-up, preparation and formatting of e-mail campaign literature.

Members will have the option of unsubscribing from receipt of campaign literature before or any time after distribution of campaign literature begins.  Each candidate email will contain a link allowing recipients to unsubscribe from receiving future candidate emails. 

Candidates in the 2018 election may elect to send e-mails to: (1) all e-mail addresses in NALC’s current and archived databases; or (2) to email addresses that can be identified as being within specific National Business Agent regions.  NALC’s email databases consist mostly of members who provided their e-mail address to NALC when signing up for the e-Activist program.  There are approximately 70,000 email addresses in these current and archived e-Activist databases.  Candidates should be aware that NALC is no longer using these email addresses to communicate with members, except for those e-Activists who requested to continue receiving messaging by email.

Candidates should also be aware that the archived database includes a list of approximately 9,400 non-e-Activist addresses which has never been used by NALC to disseminate information to its members.  Candidates should discuss with Kelly Press whether to include this list in their email distributions.

Finally, candidates should check the May issue of The Postal Record for additional information on convention displays and purchasing advertisements in The Postal Record.