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What’s happening next week?

As members of the House and Senate prepare to return to Washington next week after their March recess, they have ahead of them a busy legislative agenda amidst appropriations season.

On Monday, the Senate will resume consideration of legislation for the Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) reauthorization measure—before turning its attention to other pending matters, such as district court nominations.

On the appropriations front: House and Senate majority leaders will continue working through their respective budget processes. In the House, Republicans will continue searching for ways to attract a Fiscal Year 2017 budget resolution, and they are expected to continue holding hearings within each of the 12 subcommittees on priorities.

In the Senate on April 14, 12 Senate subcommittees are expected to receive their spending allocations, which will help determine spending priorities. The Senate opted to skip out on a Senate budget resolution.

Both chambers would like to complete work on their appropriations measures before they depart for summer recess.

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