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Messaging to members of Congress on proposed service cuts

For some lawmakers, the solution to the manufactured financial crisis caused by the pre-funding mandate remains eliminating six-day and door delivery and implementing another round of closures and consolidations. As we prepare for the 114th Congress next year, we need to send a strong message to the current Congress that these proposed cuts are not the solution.

So we are making one last push to build support for our long-standing initiatives before Congress adjourns in December. Currently, we have 67 co-sponsors of our door delivery resolution (H. Res. 711). Just as we have done in the past on the six-day resolution (H. Res. 30), we are looking for a strong finish this Congress on this resolution. We need all of our friends on this resolution so that we can send a message to the next Congress that door delivery cuts are off limits.

Please use the remainder of the 113th Congress to contact your House representative and urge him or her to sign on with Rep. Susan Davis’ (D-CA) office. When calling your representative, make it clear that all these proposed cuts would hurt the Postal Service, and urge him or her to voice concerns to House leaders regarding facility closures. We must make it clear that the Postal Service is in fact profitable and that these misguided cuts would not fix, but would hurt, the Postal Service.

Stay tuned for an additional legislative update before December holiday adjournment.

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