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Legislative and political department updates

Brian Renfroe recently was appointed by NALC President Fredric Rolando to serve as NALC’s executive vice president as a replacement for Tim O’Malley, who retired earlier this year. Under Article 9, Section 2 (c) of the NALC Constitution, the executive vice president’s responsibilities include overseeing NALC’s Department of Legislative and Political Affairs:

He/she shall serve as Director of Organization, Collective Bargaining Negotiations, Labor Relations, and Legislation, and in such capacity shall oversee preparations for collective bargaining negotiations and participation therein, and guide and direct all activities of this Union relating to legislation.

“It’s never been more important to ensure that the Postal Service remains a source of good jobs and is ready to compete in the 21st century,” Renfroe said. “Our priority for the 115th Congress will be addressing the pre-funding burden that has been responsible for 90 percent of the Postal Service’s revenue losses in recent years.”

In addition, Corey Miller has joined the department as legislative and political assistant.

The department now looks like this:

  • Brian Renfroe, executive vice president
  • Kori Blalock Keller, director of legislative and political affairs
  • Eddie Morgan, legislative and political organizer
  • Corey Miller, legislative and political assistant
  • Travis Van Horn, legislative communications assistant

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