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Florida state activists travel to Washington to lobby Congress

Today, letter carrier activists from the Florida Atate Association spent the day on Capitol Hill visiting their members of Congress to share the most important issues affecting NALC members as the House and Senate mark up appropriations bills.

The activists shared the importance of including NALC’s resolutions in the budget currently being prepared for Fiscal Year 2017, including H. Res. 12 (six-day mail delivery), H. Res. 28 (door delivery) and H. Res. 54 (service standards).

The House is in recess until April 12; the Senate is adjourned until April 4. Members of Congress will be in their home districts during this time. NALC encourages members and activists to take advantage of the momentum that their fellow letter carriers have worked hard to build by continuing to beat the drum for support on the resolutions.

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