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Bill introduced to establish rules regarding residential centralized delivery

Today, Rep. Tim Burchett (R-TN) introduced the “Easy Access to Mail Act” (H.R. 2158), which would establish rules related to the centralized delivery of mail to residential housing units.

The bill defines centralized deliveryprimary mode of mail delivery, and housing development in addition to prohibiting any retroactive change to the mode of delivery to residences. Such changes would make it more difficult to change the delivery mode from door to curbside or cluster boxes.

Additionally, the bill takes steps to demand that the Postal Regulatory Commission will ensure that USPS will not change any policies that “would result in a disproportionate negative affect on rural, lower income, elderly, disabled, or predominately minority communities.” The bill also would involve local and state governments in the process, which is of concern to NALC.

Inclusion of state and local governments in this process along with legislating these changes at the federal level could be problematic. Nonetheless, NALC appreciates the introduction of this legislation and the intent behind it. We commend Rep. Burchett for his attention to the issue.

NALC will continue to monitor the bill and keep letter carriers aware of its progression.

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