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2016 Congressional Calendar: 114th/Second Session

Looking ahead to 2016, members of Congress are expected to spend a fair amount of time in their home states.

As you know, when members of Congress are in-district, it’s an ideal opportunity to plan meetings with them and their staff members, or to seek out opportunities to engage them locally.

There are many ways to accomplish this—but planning is key.

First, take a look at the dates below showing the times your member of Congress is expected to be at home in-district.

Second, check representatives’ websites and social media accounts throughout the year to find other opportunities to meet them at town halls or other events.

Finally, plan your presence.

If you need help or tips, contact the Government Affairs Department. And as always, keep checking the Government Affairs section of for the latest news and information.




Second Session Convenes

January 5

January 11

Martin Luther King District Work Period

January 18-22

January 18

Presidents Day District Work Period

February 15-19

February 15-19

March District Work Period

March 7-11


Spring District Work Period

March 28-April 8

March 21-April 1

May District Work Period

May 2-6

May 2-6

Memorial Day District Work Period

May 30-June 3

May 30-June 3

July 4 District Work Period

June 27-July 4

July 1-5

Summer District Work Period

August 1-September 5

July 18- September 5

Fall District Work Period

October 3-November 11

October 10-November 11

Thanksgiving District Work Period

November 21-25

November 21-25

Winter District Work


December 19-30

Target Adjournment



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