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Six-day resolution now supported by bipartisan majority in House

Congratulations! H. Res. 12, which seeks to preserve six-day mail delivery service, now has the majority of the House signed on, demonstrating that both sides of the aisle continue to support invaluable postal services such as six-day mail delivery. NALC’s network of activists has continued to work hard to educate all members of Congress on why six-day delivery continues to be important to businesses and communities across the country.

It is important that we continue to build support for H. Res. 12. Even though we have reached this milestone, we cannot stop here. While these resolutions are non-binding, they become part of the public record and serve as a backstop in negotiations on these issues within the context of postal reform legislation, offsetting ideas and any other legislative vehicles where proposals to strip away six-day could be considered.

Support is so strong for six-day that the House voted to preserve it through its annual appropriations process earlier this year. As you may recall, the Senate Appropriations Committee also voted to preserve the language in its bill, but the process in the Senate is all but stalled, making any consideration of six-day unlikely there until sequester caps are lifted.

So what’s next? Now that we have gotten there for H. Res. 12, let’s make the push for H. Res. 28 (door delivery) and H. Res. 54 (service standards).

As lawmakers on the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform continue to discuss what issues it will tackle in a postal reform bill, it is paramount that leaders understand that attacking services will not be supported by a majority of members of Congress.

As previously reported, the Senate bill introduced by Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE), S. 2051, remained silent on six-day—and this was no accident. Rather, it was due to the overall lack of appetite to strip away six-day service. Let’s keep the pressure on.

To check whether your House member has signed on to one of the bills below, click the links.

H. Res. 12, click here.

H. Res. 28, click here.

H. Res. 54, click here.

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