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POSTAL FACTS: June 3, 2015 (updated)

What reporters and commentators are writing and saying about the Postal Service, and how NALC members and leaders are making their voices heard.

Postal Service improving; still needs help (Toledo Blade)

NALC President Fredric Rolando had a letter to the editor in the June 2 Toledo Blade. The letter provided context to the paper’s recent story about the Toledo City Council president demanding that the Postal Service restore the sorting of Toledo’s outbound mail. Rolando wrote about how USPS wants to generally degrade service, including ending Saturday and door delivery, and about the absurdity of doing that when USPS’ networks and services are increasingly profitable. The president called on readers to urge their congressional representatives to fix the actual problem—pre-funding—while preserving the networks. The Blade is Ohio’s fourth-largest paper, with a circulation of about 95,000.

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Lead Letter: Postal Service is highly profitable (The Florida Times-Union)

President Rolando had a letter in Sunday’s Florida Times-Union. The Jacksonville paper is among Florida's largest, with a 155,000 Sunday circulation. The paper had a news story on May 27 about the slowing of the mail, a story that included tracking letters the paper sent to several Florida cities. Rolando’s letter put the delayed mail in a broader context that includes Saturday and door-to-door delivery, showed why degrading service makes no sense given growing operating profits, and called on Floridians to urge their representatives to strengthen the now-profitable networks.

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Letter: Politics to blame for Postal Service red ink (Lubbock Avalanche-Journal)

Rolando had a letter in the Lubbock (Texas) Avalanche-Journal also on Sunday, May 31. The letter rebutted an editorial that the paper ran on May 27 calling for ending Saturday delivery. Rolando’s letter explained the mounting operating profits and that pre-funding is the real cause of the red ink, and he showed how service cuts would deprive local businesses and residents of important services.

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Here’s why Postal Service’s in the red (Omaha World-Herald)

Rolando had a letter to the editor in the May 25 Omaha World-Herald, Nebraska's largest paper with a circulation of 135,000. The letter refers to the paper’s detailed news report on the slowing of the mail in Nebraska, the region and throughout the country. The president used the opportunity to expand the discussion beyond the closing of processing plants to Saturday and door delivery, showing why none of the proposed degrading of mail service is necessary, given the improving USPS finances.

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Obama administration clashes with friends over workers’ comp (The Washington Post)

NALC Dir. of Retired Members Ron Watson testified recently before a House committee hearing on proposed changes to workers’ compensation for federal employees. A story in the Sunday, May 31, Washington Post quoted Watson as well as two injured letter carriers in attendance at the hearing: Seattle, WA Branch 79’s Keith Wagner and Garden Grove, CA Branch 1100’s Joel Cabrera.

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Good news for America’s Post Office! (The Gwin Faulconer-Lippert Show, KTOK-AM)

Region 4 National Business Agent Roger Bledsoe was interviewed by radio show host Gwin Faulconer-Lippert for a program that aired on Sunday, May 24, over Oklahoma City’s KTOK-AM.

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Letter: Postal Service earns $313 million in profit (Kokomo Tribune)

Carmel, IN Branch 888 President Ronnie Roush had a letter to the editor in the May 13 edition of the Kokomo Tribune. The letter also ran in three other Indiana newspapers: Current in Noblesville, the Marion Chronicle-Tribune and the Martinsville Reporter-Times.

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Local View: Postal Service undermines customers’ faith (Duluth News Tribune)

Duluth, MN Branch 114 retired letter carriers Gaynelle Johnson and Arden Stabs had a co-written letter to the editor in the May 9 Duluth News Tribune.

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USPS Suspends Remaining Facility Closures Scheduled for 2015 (Government Executive)

Government Executive reports that USPS has postponed indefinitely the scheduled closures of mail processing plants. The report cited “a barrage of pressure from across the spectrum of postal stakeholders.” NALC has been a consistent part of that stakeholders group; President Rolando has spread the message in communities big and small that not only would such closures hurt the Postal Service, but they’re not financially justified and, in fact, would be counterproductive.

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