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POSTAL FACTS: June 16, 2015 (updated)

What reporters and commentators are writing and saying about the Postal Service, and how NALC members and leaders are making their voices heard.

Actually, taxpayers don't pay for the Postal Service (The Arizona Republic)

NALC President Fredric Rolando has a letter in the June 16 Arizona Republic. The letter rebuts a misleading recent letter that called for eliminating four agencies—USPS among them—because the federal government’s too expensive and the national debt's too big. Rolando corrected the record on USPS funding and then used the opportunity to show why there’s broad support for USPS, including among conservatives: doesn’t use taxpayer money, has an affordable delivery network for residents and businesses, is based in the Constitution, is older than the country itself, is the largest employer of military vets and has a strong community involvement—including the recent restocking of Arizona’s local food pantries. The Arizona Republic is the dominant news source for the Grand Canyon State with a 322,000 circulation, triple its nearest rival. It's the nation's 16th largest paper.

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America's Toughest Turnaround: Megan Brennan's Mission To Save The Postal Service (Forbes)

In a June 9 story for Forbes magazine about Postmaster General Megan Brennan, President Rolando was the most-quoted person (other than the PMG). Here’s part of the story:

As e-commerce continues to explode, Brennan says the same technology that took a huge bite out of first-class mail volume by letting people email for free might actually provide the way forward for the USPS.

Fredric Rolando, president of the National Association of Letter Carriers, agrees. “While the Internet took a lot away, the Internet is giving it right back. People are changing the way they shop,” Rolando says. “I envision brick and mortar stores at some point being just showrooms for people to go in and touch and feel. Young people especially are getting on their phones to order groceries. You’re going to see all kinds of products people will want delivered.”

The story also was posted on PBS’ Next Avenue website.

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Click here to read the article on Next Avenue.

Letter: USPS’ losses rely on false premise (Daily Miner)

Rolando had the lead letter to the editor in the June 10 Kingman [AZ] Daily Miner, in response to a story the paper ran on May 24 about the fight to save the downtown post office. Rolando provided broader perspective on USPS finances, explained to local residents what's at stake for them, and urged them to tell their congressional representatives to protect the networks and fix the actual problem.

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Letter to the editor: USPS's financial future much brighter than reported (Federal News Radio)

On June 10, Federal News Radio published a letter to the editor from Rolando that responded to a story the station ran on June 3 about USPS’ delaying of plans to close processing plants. That story contained some of the misleading conventional wisdom about postal finances. Rolando’s letter set the record straight on the Postal Service’s finances and outlook.

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Letter to the Editor: Post Office finances (Southeast Missourian)

Rolando had a letter to the editor in the June 9 edition of the Southeast Missourian, the leading news source for the city of Cape Girardeau, MO, and the Show-Me State’s southeast region. Rolando’s letter responded to a lengthy story the paper ran on June 2 about the local mail-processing plant in Cape Girardeau staying open through the year. The president filled in some gaps in that story and explained the bigger postal picture to readers, including what’s at stake with USPS’ plans to degrade service.

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Update: Rolando’s letter was referred to in a postive way by a separate commentary piece by a member of the American Postal Workers Union, published in the Sunday, June 14, edition of the Southeast Missourian.

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Merced postal carrier recognized for helping save a life (Merced Sun-Star)

Merced, CA Branch 1340 letter carrier Penny Guillory was recently honored by the Postal Service for her role in saving the life of a woman who was having a heart attack. A story about the honor ran in the June 5 Merced Sun-Star.

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Letter to the Editor: USPS Comments (Twin Falls Times-News)

Idaho State Association of Letter Carriers President John Paige had a letter to the editor in the June 4 edition of the Twin Falls Times-News.

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LETTER: Food drive a tremendous success (Tuscaloosa News)

Tuscaloosa, AL Branch 1096 letter carrier Eddie Pratt had a letter to the editor in the June 7 Tuscaloosa News, expressing his appreciation for those involved in the 2015 Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.

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Carriers’ food drive donations a big help (Daily Herald)

Schaumburg Township, IL Supervisor Mary Wroblewski wrote a letter on June 8 to the Daily Herald expressing her appreciation for this year’s food drive.

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Reader Viewpoint: Days of handwritten letters fleeting (The Herald Bulletin)

A reader’s letter to the editor of Anderson, IN’s The Herald Bulletin had some nice thoughts about the advantages of the handwritten letter.

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