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POSTAL FACTS: July 22, 2015 (updated)

What reporters and commentators are writing and saying about the Postal Service, and how NALC members and leaders are making their voices heard.

Preserve valuable U.S. Postal Service (Green Bay Press-Gazette)
Cutting back Postal Service hits Bangor, everywhere else (The Bangor Daily News)
Why the Postal Service is under threat, and what should be done about it (Kansas City Star)

Wisconsin’s Green Bay Press Gazette on July 20 ran an op-ed by NALC President Fredric Rolando, a piece that rebutted a July 14 article by a Virginia think tank that has been trying to get rural areas fighting with cities and the “Heartland” fighting with the country’s coasts over postal services. Almost identical versions of the think tank’s article ran on June 29 in Maine’s Bangor Daily News and on June 26 in Missouri’s Kansas City Star. In his Green Bay Press-Gazette op-ed—as well as in his pieces in the Bangor Daily News on July 6 and in the Kansas City Star on July 1—Rolando let readers know that all of this country’s regions and types of populations are in the fight for—and depend on—quality mail service, and he explained some of the actual threats to the Postal Service.

Click here for Rolando’s Green Bay Press-Gazette op-ed.
Click here for his Bangor Daily News op-ed.
Click here for his Kansas City Star op-ed.

Letter carriers are watching out for you (Belleville News-Democrat)

Illinois’ Belleville News-Democrat posted on July 8 an op-ed from NALC President Fredric V. Rolando. The op-ed responded to two recent letters to the News-Democrat’s editor. The first stated that a Swedish program, in which letter carriers help seniors, supposedly wouldn’t happen in the United States. The second defended letter carriers, but it didn't mention that there has been precisely that type of program here since 1982: Carrier Alert. Rolando used this opportunity to set the record straight, to mention the Postal Service’s operating profit and the pre-funding problem, and to urge readers to tell lawmakers to address the matter.

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Letter carriers' view: Drop prefund fiasco, save Postal Service (Duluth News Tribune)

Rolando on July 7 had an op-ed piece in Minnesota’s Duluth News Tribune. He discussed not only the partly successful effort by residents and civic leaders to preserve mail processing but also the threats that remain both in terms of processing as well as Saturday and door delivery. Rolando’s commentary showed why proposed cuts in service are not justified by the facts and would be harmful to residents/businesses and counterproductive for USPS itself.

Click here to read the op-ed.

USPS Does More than Deliver Mail (Idaho Statesman; Coeur d' Alene Press; Twin Falls Times-News)

In July, Idaho State Association President John Paige had letters to the editor in Idaho Statesman, Coeur d' Alene Press and Twin Falls Times-News.

Idaho Statesman: Click here.
The Coeur d' Alene Press: Click here.
Twin Falls Times-News: Click here.

Thank you citizens, letter carriers (The Thomaston Times)

Georgia’s Thomaston Times posted House of Care Food Pantry Chairman Elizabeth DeLoach’s letter of thanks to letter carriers for the annual Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive.

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