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POSTAL FACTS: Jan. 21, 2014 (updated)

What reporters and commentators are writing and saying about the Postal Service, and how NALC members and leaders are making their voices heard. 

NALC President Fredric Rolando was a guest columnist in Jan. 15’s southwestern Ohio’s Xenia Daily Gazette. The paper, a Pulitzer Prize–winning publication that serves communities near Dayton, ran the president’s response to an earlier opinion piece that misstated the situation at the Postal Service. “Speaker John Boehner and House Oversight and Reform Committee members Reps. Mike Turner and Jim Jordan, as well as the rest of the Buckeye State’s delegation in Washington, should strengthen the [postal] networks while addressing the actual problem—the prefunding fiasco lawmakers created,” Rolando wrote. “That is the common-sense approach, because it’s based on the facts.”

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President Rolando was quoted in a Linn’s Stamp News story about outgoing Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe’s speech last week at the National Press Club in Washington. “It’s important to note that all the stakeholders have a constructive plan for the future—except for the departing postmaster general,” Rolando said.

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In a Jan. 15 editorial, The Washington Post used Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe’s speech at the National Press Club to blast the postal unions and to call for reduced service. But in a letter to the editor of the Post that ran on Monday, NALC Executive Vice President Timothy O’Malley used the PMG’s own words from that speech (but unreferenced in the Post’s editorial) to demolish the editorial’s argument.

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Idaho State Association President John Paige had a letter to the editor published in the Twin Falls Times-News. “The cuts to service are unnecessary because the U.S. Postal Service has an operational profit of $1.4 billion in fiscal year 2014,” he wrote, “and more than $600 million in fiscal year 2013.”

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Paige also was featured in a story about the closings that ran on KPVI-TV. “[Customers] deserve the quality of service they pay for,“ Paige said. “Why should one area of the country get better service than [we do], when they are paying the same price?”

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Postal Regulatory Commissioner Ruth Goldway wrote a blog post for The Hill, saying that this latest round of mail plan closures and consolidations “threatens the very integrity and concept of Universal Service—the Postal Service’s primary obligation under the law.”

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Sixty-four years after his father went missing in action during the Korean War, retired Minneapolis Branch 9 letter carrier Gordon Hannah Jr. recently was able to finally give his father a proper burial. “I just kept saying, ‘Dad, you’re finally home, thank God you’re finally home,'” he said.

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Outstanding column by Phil Rosenthal in Sunday’s Chicago Tribune. “Our mail delivery system is a miracle, yet too many of us take it for granted,” he wrote. “Worse, it is so underappreciated by some that they see it as superfluous and unnecessary in a pay-online, email and digital newspaper world.”

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