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POSTAL FACTS: Dec. 29, 2014

What reporters and commentators are writing and saying about the Postal Service, and how NALC members and leaders are making their voices heard. 

NALC President Fredric Rolando's letter to the editor of the Springfield News-Leader ran on Sunday, Dec. 21. The letter rebuts the paper’s editorial from the previous Sunday, a piece that argued that Missouri's two U.S. senators—Roy Blunt (R) and Claire McCaskill (D)—should accept reductions in postal services because finances leave USPS no choice and because taxpayers need to save money. The News-Leader is Missouri's third-largest paper, after the Kansas City Star and St. Louis Post-Dispatch, and its Sunday circulation is almost double its daily circulation.

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The News-Leader also ran a story on Dec. 19 in which Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe said the local mail processing plant has to close because of failing mail volumes. Donahoe's comments drew a strong reaction from McCaskill, who rebutted the PMG and said his plans would send USPS into a death spiral. The story also noted that postal revenue actually is rising and mentioned pre-funding as the problem.

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The Nation’s John Nichols writes that Americans can show appreciation for postal workers’ efforts this holiday season by fighting to save the Postal Service now to ensure that same appreciation this time next year. 

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In an opinion piece for U.S. News & World Report, writer Susan Milligan observes how Americans should be grateful for the USPS in light of the recent cyber attacks on Sony and other institutions.

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