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Obama to award Medal of Honor to two dozen veterans, including 19 discrimination victims

  ·  Scott Wilson, The Washington Post   ·   Link to Article

Former Army SPC Santiago Erevia, now a 68-year-old retired letter carrier from San Antonio, was one of 24 veterans who served in World War II, Korea, and Vietnam to receive the U.S. military’s highest honor, the Medal of Honor. An AP story carried in many newspapers (including The Washington Post, which ran it on the front page on Saturday, Feb. 22) said that the honors come after a congressionally mandated review of minorities who may have been passed over because of long-held prejudices. The veterans—most of Hispanic or Jewish heritage—were to be recognized in a March 18 ceremony in Washington, DC, that will try to correct the long-ignored ethnic and religious discrimination in the armed forces. (The San Antonio Express-News also wrote a story about Erevia.)