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  • 5 USC 81 – the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA)
  • 20 CFR 10 – implementing regulations of the FECA regarding general administration, issued by Department of Labor (DOL) in accordance with 5 USC 8149
  • 5 CFR 353 – implementing regulations of the FECA regarding employee restoration rights, issued by Office of Personnel Management (OPM) in accordance with 5 USC 8151
  • 20 CFR 501 – implementing regulations of the FECA regarding the Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board (ECAB), issued by DOL in accordance with 5 USC 8149

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Postal Record articles

The Director of Compensation writes a column in NALC's monthly magazine, The Postal Record, that covers a wide range of workers' compensation issues.

Postal Record articles

2014 columns: A commitment to injured letter carriers; CCAs, continuation of pay and wage-loss compensation; Getting the COP you’re entitled to; Protecting your personal medical information; Form CA-2a, Notice of Recurrence: Think before you ink!; Decisions, decisions, decisions, Part 11: The ECAB appeals process; Decisions, decisions, decisions, Part 12—concluded

2013 columns: Decisions, decisions, decisions, Part 6: Reconsiderations; Decisions, decisions, decisions, Part 7: Reconsiderations (continued); Decisions, decisions, decisions, Part 8: Reconsiderations (continued); Decisions, decisions, decisions, Part 9: Merit vs. non-merit decisions; Decisions, decisions, decisions, Part 10: Staying alive on the merits; CCAs and on-the-job injuries; OWCP suspends USPS access to information; Developing issues: OWCP suspension of USPS access to information; Possible health benefits refund problems; Schedule awards; Schedule awards II

2012 columns: SECOPs and IMEs, Part I; SECOPs and IMEs, Part II; SECOPs and IMEs, Part III: The SOAF; SECOPs and IMEs, Part IV: Questions to be resolved; Decisions, decisions, decisions; Decisions, decisions, decisions Part 2: An overview of the appeals process; Decisions, decisions, decisions, Part 3: Oral hearings and review; Decisions, decisions, decisions, Part 4: Oral hearings, continued ; Decisions, decisions, decisions, Part 5: Preparation for oral hearing; Major ECAB decision on OIG survelliance video

2011 columns: Fitness-for-duty examinations; Workers' compensation vs. forced retirement; OWCP nurse intervention; Increased schedule award claims; The physician search; Health benefits premiums; New FECA regulations; Medical restrictions; Strains and sprains and denied claims; Temporarily aggravated? Part I; Temporarily aggravated? Part II

2010 columns: Withdrawal of limited duty based on claim closure; Traumatic injury and the CA-1; Occupational disease and illness claims (CA-2); Steer clear of common pitfalls after an injury; Carrier narratives and causal links; The premises rules; Which form should I use and where do I get it?; Dual benefits; Time limits for filing a claim

2009 columns: ECAB changes appeal time limits; Physician vs. nurse practitioner; Vocational rehabilitation; Wage-earning capacity; Disability retirement or wage-loss compensation?; Suitable limited-duty job offers; Settlement reached on national NRP grievance; Restoration rights after a compensable injury; Infectious diseases; Rationalized medical opinions; USPS contact with a treating physician 2012

2008 columns: Overpayments--Part 1; Overpayments--Part 2; Overpayments--Part 3; Consequential and intervening injuries; The right to use paid leave; Finding a physician; Burden of proof; The contract intersects OWCP

2007 columns: Recurrence of disability; The Postal Service's plan to withdraw limited duty; The new three-day wait; NRP and third-party surpluses; Consequences of refusing a job offer; Second-opinion examinations; Falls at work; Reportable vs. non-reportable cases; Recurrence of a medical condition; Disallowances; Medical rationale for traumatic injuries

2006 columns: Four deadly mistakes; CA-7 delays: don't tolerate them!; OWCP Form CA-16; Rehabilitation job offers; Information resources; Burden of proof; Communicating with OWCP; Free choice of physician; National Reassessment pilot; Retrospective

2005 columns: OWCP wage-loss compensation benefits and CSRS/FERS retirement; Form CA-7: Claim for Compensation; Branch injured worker specialists; Health benefits premium refund; Limited duty revisited; OWCP's bill processing internet portal; Schedule awards; Reimbursement of transportation expenses; Beware of penalties; Outplacement developments; Hatch case comes full circle

2004 columns: Continuation of Pay (COP); Continuation of Pay—part two; Safety, Health and Return to Employment (SHARE) Initiative; Medical Bill Processing Portal upgrades; Traumatic Injury Checklist; Occupational Illness/Disease Checklist; What to Do When Your Claim is Pending; Limited duty; USPS Outplacement Pilot Program; Postal Service Outplacement Pilot initiative revisited; Year in Review

2003 columns: NALC Injury Compensation CD; Return to Work and Written Job Offers; Effects of Workers' Compensation Benefits on Retirement; 2003 OWCP cost-of-living increase; Appeal rights (Parts 1, 2, 3); Physician vs. chiropractor; Consolidated bill processing and medical authorization; FECA changes on the horizon?; Death claims; Year in Review

2002 columns: Employee Narratives; Medical Narratives; Conditions of Coverage (Parts 1, 2 and 3); Workers Compensation and the USPS Transformation Plan; Recurrence (CA-2a); Separation on Account of Disability; LDC 68/69 Reassessment Initiative; Year in Review

2001 columns: Third-party Recovery; Dual Benefits; Schedule Awards; USPS Looks To Cut Compensation; Rehabilitation Program; New Initiatives from OWCP; Filing a CA-1 for a Traumatic Injury; Occupational Disease and Illness (CA-2); Anthrax and OWCP Coverage.

2000 columns: FECA Appellate Rights; Oral Hearings and Reviews; Reconsiderations; Appeals before ECAB; Carpal Tunnel Syndrome; OWCP Nurse Intervention Program; Five Mistakes; Reporting Employment to OWCP; Limitations on Chiropractic Treatment

1999 columns: Injury Compensation; New FECA Regulations; Timeframes for Authorizing Medical Care and Submitting Paperwork; Providing Initial Evidence following On-the-Job Injury; Obtaining Initial Medical Treatment; Continuation of Pay; Communicating with OWCP; Total vs. Partial Disability

1998 columns: Osteoarthritis; Bursitis and Tendinitis; Time Limitations for Notice and Claim; Avoid Errors after On-the-Job Injuries; Occupational Illness Claims; Understanding Compensation Benefits; Proving Causal Relationship; Traumatic Injury vs. Occupational Illness; OWCP Overpayments; Recurrences of Disability; Fitness-for-Duty Exams


NALC Injury Compensation Manual

Download the Entire CD (non-PDF) Zip File - 16MB
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Although the National Association of Letter Carriers has absolutely no legal obligation to represent letter carriers in their OWCP claims, the union often volunteers to assist those injured letter carriers who are members of the NALC in good standing. The NALC Injury Compensation CD has been developed to assist letter carriers navigate the bureaucratic process and to provide a reference guide to assist with the processing of claims.

The CD manual consists of easy-to-understand information about making a claim, receiving all benefits, the return to work process and other topics relating to your OWCP claim. You will also find an extensive appendix that contains links to the FECA, the Code of Federal Regulations, OWCP manuals and pamphlets, USPS manual sections dealing with workers' compensation, OWCP forms and relevant NALC contractual materials (including national level settlements and both regional and national arbitration decisions). The CD is completely searchable and contains many links that will take you to additional information on the topic selected.

Members may download the ICM or purchase the CD from the NALC Supply Department for $10. Call 202-662-2873 or write to: Supply Department, National Association of Letter Carriers, AFL-CIO, 100 Indiana Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001-2144.

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